What's Tru Beauty

In addition to each artist being a skilled make-up artist, each Tru Beauty employee works proudly on the idea that True Beauty is not something attained by cosmetics or false alteration; however, "Tru Beauty" is a state of mind. It is a spirit of loving oneself unconditionally and allowing the beauty of that love to transcend itself outwardly as the manner in which we present and see ourselves. It is our goal at Tru Beauty to compliment the inner beauty of each of our clients with our talent and professional techniques.

What's A Make-Up Party?

A Make-Up Party is a customized event hosted by your for you and your girlfriends. We send our artists out to come and teach Make-Up Basics and do make-overs. You select the guests, the theme and any other details, and we bring the party to you.

These make great birthday parties, bridal parties, and girls night in events.

How much do the parties cost to attend?
This depends on the caliber of the event. Our basic starting party is only $20 per person.

What do you do to host it?
Simply send a request for to goldie.trubeauty@gmail.com and you'll recieve an event form, the rest is simple.

What do you get for hosting a Party?
Every Tru Beauty Make-Up Party hostess in addition to complimentary services, get her own personalized Tru Beauty gift basket, equipped with all the goodies any girl could need.

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Make-Up Party Favs


Spring Beauty coming April 26th 2009


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Reserve your spot today for

TRU Beauty 
Carnival Makeovers
We will be located at 
Emery Park at 7 am June 27th 2009
(Georgia Avenue & Missouri Ave.) 

Please feel free to contact the booking agent Ayana 
to reserve your spot today. 
Reservations: (240)355-0699. 

Please arrive 10 minutes your appointment to enjoy breakfast snacks and cocktails.
**Appointments are not required but highly recommended!!

Full Face: $35 
(Extras, like lashes and crystals, are complimentary w/the full face package.)

Face Crystals Design: $10

Lashes: $5

*All clients can expect to walk away with
a gift of lip-gloss, and other goodies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Beauty coming April 26th 2009

Great things happen in Spring, let them happen to you. Tru Beauty is ready to host its Spring Beauty Party and you can be the hostess. Its a great way to invite your closest girlfriends for some well deserved "me time". Every host receives a complimentary TRU You beauty basket with 5 or more guests.

Sign Up today to host Spring Beauty and receive a special Tru Beauty Gift Basket!!!

Spring Beauty Party
This make-up party is designed to introduce the latest make-up trends and techniques to using bold and bright colors.
$20.00 a person

** Pamper Party
Nothing is better than feeling wonderful in your skin. Learn how to best care for your complexion with this au natural party.
$15.00 a person